Venus Legacy™ is a revolutionary technology for body shaping, cellulite reduction, non-
invasive skin firming and smoothing wrinkles.

Thanks to the usage of some types of heads and several patented technologies, it is incredibly
effective for face and body treatments. It takes advantage of a revolutionary 4D technology,
as a first device on the market, which enables achieving incredible results due to painless and
safe treatments without the need for a convalescence period.

This device as the first and the one and only with 4D technology has a certificate of an

American Federal Agency FDA

What is this innovative solution about?

Venus Legacy technology is about using 4 different technologies:

  • multipolar radio waves RF
  • magnetic field PEMF
  • VariPulse technology
  • embedded termometer (Real Time Thermal Feedback)

Multipolar radio waves cause an increase of the vessels' temperature to 39-45°C in order to
make skin firm, reduce cellulite, thicken vessels, smooth wrinkles and reduce circuits. Thanks
to the appropriate temperature, there is a reshaping of collagen fibers, shortening of them and
the stimulation of fiberblasts for the production of a new collagen in a proper skin. As a result,
we get visible lifting only after some of the first treatments. In subcutaneous tissue, there is a
shrinking of fat cells, which might have an effect on reducing the circuits.

Magnetic field PEMF in correlation with radio waves causes the stimulation of fibroblasts,
mentioned before, to create collagen fibers and new capillaries. As a result, there is an
increase in vessels' density, blood supply and flow improvement as well as cell nutrition.

VariPulse is the newest technology of pulsing skin suction used during the treatment in order
to accurate tissue drainage. It causes the reduction of swelling, improvement of blood and
lymph circulation and deeper tissue warming.

Real Time Thermal Feedback – news used in Venus Legacy device. Embedded termometer in
a head provides us a proper temperature reading in a real time, bigger safety and the
continuity of the treatment.


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Effects of the treatment

Venus Legacy - efekty

Venus Legacy - efekty

Venus Legacy - efekty

Venus Legacy - efekty

Venus Legacy - efekty




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