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The product of American company Palomar, which created the world's first technology of laser hair removal, still protected by patent. Palomar VECTUS™ is the most modern device for laser hair removal in the world.

It is the fruit of lasting a several years of experience and research on improving the system so far the best diode laser. The effectiveness of the device has been confirmed by tests and the prestigious certificate issued by the US. Food and Drug Administration.

In 2013, a diode laser Vectus™ received the prestigious prize Prix de Beauty in the category "Discovery of the Year". This prize is awarded in the beauty industry in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

What makes laser diode Vectus™ stand out?

Medical laser Vectus, the only one in the world, equipped with a smart card reader of the level of melanin in the skin - Skintel. In practice, this means that the reader before the treatment is applied to the skin of the patient at the location from which the hair is removed. Skintel determines the level of melanin and on the basis of this reading, individually tailored treatment parameters are set in the machine. Thanks to the individual selection of energy, we can use the higher parameters, but safe for the patient. The treatment is more effective.

The effectiveness of the treatment is also influenced by patented technology called Photon RecyclingSM, which consists of the re-use of the light, naturally reflecting from the skin. The light, with built-in a head mirrors, returns, which means that the light pulse is used in hundred percent in the same time dramatically increasing the efficiency of the procedure.

Depending on the area of the treatment, the head with the right size is chosen.
Larger areas, eg. the legs permit the use of a large head, and for mustache - small head. Each of the heads has a cooling tip - a sapphire glass slide, which cools and increases the comfort of the procedure.

How many times does the treatment need to be repeated?

Laser hair removal is a gradual process. During the laser session, there are destroyed only hair that are in the growth phase, which is each time approximately 30% of the visible hair, and therefore regularity is inevitable. The treatment should be repeated on average 4-6 times every 4-12 weeks depending on the area.

Finally, laser removes about 90% of hair, 10% of hair in depilatory body parts remains.


  • ingrown hairs
  • discolouration of the ingrown hair
  • Convenience - too fast regrowth after other methods of hair removal
  • endocrine disorders - hirsutism, hipertrychosis (indicated after hormone therapy)
  • inflammatory responses of the skin after chemical depilation, waxing and shaving.
  • men having problems with thinning regrowth after shaving


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