Skin discolouration

Discolouration is pigmentation spots caused by excessive production of melanin and its uneven accumulation in the skin. They occur particularly after intensive sun exposure, by the action of UV rays. Their cause is sometimes also a genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, taking medication or food allergies.

Pigmentation changes are one of the most difficult to remove skin defects. In order to effectively select a method of treatment, diagnosis is necessary. It specifies how deeply staining is located (in the epidermis or dermis) and what is the main reason for its occurrence (extrinsic, which is acquired by UV or intrinsic, for example hormone).

Surface stains, extraneous or arising as a result of the aging process (age spots, freckles) are easy to remove. Intrinsic changes are generally deeper located, they tend to recur and are most often the result of the co-existence of many unfavorable factors, therefore it is more difficult to get rid of them. For this type of discolouration, women, who suffer from hyperthyroidism, are taking birth control pills, are pregnant (commonly called melasma), are mostly vulnerable. Discolourations occur throughout whole life.

The use of combined techniques, allows you to achieve the best effects of the treatment, notpossible to achieve using only one method.


laser KTP 532nm
laser Emerge
laser Vectus
medical peelings
mezoterapia igłowa

Price list

Removing discolouration Above 100 zł

The price is determined individually during consultation and depends on the time and method of treatment.


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