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Icoone is currently the most advanced, non-invasive technology of treatment of imperfections of the body. Based on the nearly 30 years of experience, which allowed to bring current technology to perfection.

What is unique about ICOONE and why is it better than other vacuum treatments?

Each of the rollers has hundreds of micro-openings, which while air suction, provide intensive and precise stimulation of every millimeter of the skin. It is the only treatment on the market of vacuum massage treatments, which doesn’t stretch the skin, doesn’t warm the lymphatic system and doesn’t cause injuries to the skin (which until now was impossible!). For each square inch of skin there are 1,180 micro-holes. The result is extremely accurate, multidimensional massage of the treated area while maintaining great respect to the skin.

ICOONE also introduces another incredible innovation: symmetrical treatment! Two heads ROBOTWINS evenly massage the two halves of the body, thus doubling the benefits and saving time of a surgery. They provide a highly pleasurable sensation with a guarantee quick and satisfactory results. ICOONE gives us the possibility to choose between 7 treatment’s special heads:

Directions of rotation of the rollers

Robosolo’s head is designed to work on large areas of the body to deeply localized streaks of fat.

Robotwins’ heads are designed to work with both hands and perform the symmetrical massage.

The Robomini’s head is the world's smallest motorized head for work on the face, neck and neckline and hard to reach areas on the body. Used very often for work on scars, contractures, tendinitis.

Robomikro’s head with 3 different micro-tips is designed for use on the face, directly on the eyelids (the only device on the market that gives you the opportunity to work directly on the upper and lower eyelid), the lips, wrinkles and thanks to the multi microstimulation we guarantee the effects of treatment while maintaining huge respect for the skin. Robomikro - with three different microtips.

For whom is ICOONE®?

ICOONE’s treatments are addressed to all women and men who want to find a quick, effective and non-invasive solution to many therapeutic and aesthetic problems without the risk of side effects. Regardless of the type and condition of the skin, in the ICOONE’s menu we find a variety of programmes, which optimally adapt to the individual needs of the patient.

Go to the surgery Facelift without a scalpel - ICOONE
Go to the surgery Body shaping - ICOONE


  • deeply localized fat
  • continuous problem of returning cellulite
  • lack of firmness of the skin of the face and the body
  • loose skin
  • for women after childbirth (after 4 weeks a treatment can be done!)
  • after liposuction surgery
  • vascular problems and swelling of the body and face
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • modeling of the face and outline the contours


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