Laser removal of vessels, fibroids, hemangiomas

Shy issue of visible vascular changes on face and legs concers both women and men. Before „laser era” the one and only method of dealing with such problem was hiding imperfections under make-up or clothes. Laser technology is safe and very effective fighting system with the problem of skin capillaries.

How does the laser work for vessels?

Radiation emitted from the laser is absorbed by red dye of blood – hemoglobin and then blood „coagulates” and „dries” inside of the blood vessel wall. Walls collapse and eventually they are naturally absorbed by the organism.

The most crucial thing for vascular complexion is prevention (using filters) and starting a therapy in the early stage of the problem. If the first tiny vessels appear, it is worth closing them as soon as possible, because they will broaden and won’t dissapear. The bigger vessels, the harder it is to get rid of them.

Preparation for the treatment:

  • 4 weeks before a treatment, don’t sunbathe, don’t go to solarium, don’t use self- tanning cream. Hair around the area of a surgery should be shaved (don’t use the razor, wax or chemical creams)
  • 24h before a treatment don’t drink alcohol and don’t take an aspirine
  • For 1 month before a treatment it is advised to give up using creams with retinol
  • 1 week before a treatment don’t drink herbal teas (photosensitizing), for example: lovage, John’s wort, rue graveolens
  • 2 weeks before a treatment avoid surgeries which irritate skin, for instance: acids, peelings or other laser treatments
  • Drink huge amounts of water

LASERLAND technologies:

Taking into consideration the colour and the depth of vessels we use different lasers:

  • For red superficial vessels on face – laser KTP (532 nm)
  • For blue, deeper located vessels on legs – laser Nd:Yag with built-in cooling system to provide maximum comfort for the patient while executing a treatment. This is the deepest penetrating laser available on the world’s markets, thanks to which it destroys vessels with bigger diameter, deeper hidden under skin.

Recommended series:

1-4 treatments every 5-6 weeks
The price of the treatment is settled individually during consultation and depends on the amount of vessels or the duration of the treatment.

Postoperative recommendations:

  • Till 3-4 days after a treatment you should give up on swimming, sauna or hot baths
  • Till 4 days after a treatment, skin should not be irritated with preparations, which consist alcohol
  • About 1-2 weeks after a treatment, peelings or exfoliating surgeries should not be practised
  • 2-3 weeks after a surgery, there is an absolute ban on tanning
  • Exposed parts of your body, which underwent a surgery should be protected by cream with filter SPF 50


Laser Vrailite – KTP 532 nm
Laser Nd:Yag 1064 nm

Price list

Closing vessels
Single 1-2 vessels 100 zł
1 session 10 min* 170 zł
2 sessions 20 min 340 zł
3 sessions 30 min 450 zł
Removal of fibroids, hemangiomas
1-4 points 100 zł
More points Price set individually

* 1 session equals 10 minutes of laser’s work

Final cost of the treatment is set individually during consultation and depends on the amount of vessels and treatment time.


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