Laser Depilation

This is a surgery, which aim is a permanent hair removal. It involves damaging the embryo of hair follicle by hitting it with laser beam.

Laser works only on the surface and doesn’t influence the functions of the organism. The beam penetrates only 2 mm deep into skin. Firstly, it causes damage of a follicle and secondly its gradual disappearance. During 3-4 weeks hair grows back again and then it falls out wih a damaged embryo. This process is called irreversible.

The best laser to remove hair is laser diode 810nm.

In Laserland, we use two technologies: the newest laser diode Vectus Palomar and its prototype laser with gold standard - LightSheer.


  • Growing hair
  • Decolourations after ingrown hair
  • Comfort – too fast regrowth of hair after other methods of depilation
  • Endocrine disorders – hirsutism, hipertrichosis (desirable after hormonal therapy)
  • Occurence of skin inflammation after chemical depilation, waxing and shaving
  • Men having problems with thinning regrowth after shaving

How to prepare skin for a surgery?

  • 6 months before a surgery oral treatment with retinoids (ex. Izotek, Roaccutane) should be finished
  • 1 month before a surgery hair should not be „pulled” (wax, hair remover, tweezers)
  • about 3 weeks before each surgery creams, ointments with retinoids, for example: Izotrexin, Differin. Retin A, wit. C and fruit acids should not be used in the area to be treated
  • 3 weeks before a surgery sunbathing, the use of the solarium and self-tanning cream are strictly forbidden
  • 2 weeks before a surgery light sensitizing drugs (fototoxic, fotoalergic) and herbs with such application, for example: John’s wort, calendula, tea „slim type” should be discontinued
  • 1 week before a surgery peelings and other preparations flaking epidermis and depilatory creams shouldn’t be used in the area of a surgery
  • In case of dry, irritated skin, it is advised to use moisturisers till the day before a surgery
  • 3 days before a surgery treatment based on antibiotics should be finished
  • 1 day before a surgery an area of a surgery should be carefully shaved with disposable razor (taking care of irritating your skin). Before first surgery it is highly advised to leave a small surface (max. 1cm2 ) with not shaved hair in order to define the colour of hair
  • Directly before a surgery skin must be cleaned and not lubricated
  • For a surgery it is said to come without previous usage of moisturisers, antiperspirants, etc.

How many times does the surgery need to be done?

Hair disposal is a gradual process. During laser session, only hair, which are in a growth phase, which means aproximately 30% of visible hair each time, are being removed. For this reason, systematicy is inevitable. Surgery needs to be repeated avaregly 4-6 times, every 4-12 weeks depending on the parts of your body.

Finally, laser removes about 90% of your hair and about 10% in depilatory parts of body will remain.

Postoperative indications:

  • On the day of a surgery, hot baths ought to be avoided.
  • Till 3-4 days after a surgery, it is advised to forego swimming pool or sauna
  • Till 4 days after a surgery, skin should not be irritated with preparations, which consist alcohol, spirits (after armpit’s depilation alcohol-free antiperspirant can be used)
  • About 1-2 weeks after a surgery, peelings or exfoliating surgeries should not bepractised
  • 2-3 weeks after a surgery, there is an absolute ban on tanning
  • Exposed parts of your body, which underwent a surgery should be protected by cream with filter SPF 50

Worth knowing!

What determines the effectiveness of the treatment – laser depilation?
  1. Quality and type of equipment

    The best device to remove hair is laser diode 810nm.

    In Laserland we use two technologies: the newest laser diode Vectus Palomar and its prototype, laser with gold standard - LightSheer.

  2. Service

    Each laser’s head has its own lifespan. It is very important to replace it for a new one at the appropriate time.

    Unfortunately, it is becoming a common practise to do such surgeries using old, worn out heads, because replacing them is extremely expensive.

    Effective laser depilation needs servicing equipment, so low price of a surgery is often related with the lack of quality. In the result, the effect of such a surgery will be much weaker or it won’t be visible at all.

  3. The colour of hair and skin

    The darker hair and lighter skin is, the more effective surgery becomes. Preferably, thick and dark hair is removed among people with light complexion.

  4. Passage through the cycle of prescribed intervals

    It is impossible to remove all hair at once, because they are in various development phases of growth (anagen), falling out (katagen) and rest (telogen). Cycle of aproximately 5-6 surgeries with intervals of 4-5 or 8-12 weeks, in order to hit the stage of hair’s growth, is necessary. That is the only way to remove them completely.


  5. Accuracy, honesty and fairness of a specialist

    In order to make this laser depilation effective, you need to devote adequate time and precision. It is often the most vital factor.

    Cheap services, made usually in a rush, expose patients to the need of repeating a surgery not 6 but 13 times, which involves enourmous costs despite of seemingly low price for one treatment.

Can laser depilation be completely painless?

Effective burning of hair is always accompanied by the feeling of soft „hot prick”.
With dark, strong hair the effect will be stronger and on the other hand, with weaker hair – more gentle.
If you don’t feel anything during the surgery, it simply means that your hair is too light or the head in a laser is faulty and there will be no effects at all.


Before the beginning of a therapy, detailed interview with a patient is obligatory in order to exclude potential contraindications, which are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Therapy with retinoids (witamin A)
  • Tumors
  • Albinism, psoriasis, herpes
  • Virus, bacterial, fungal infections in the area of a surgery
  • Taking fotosensitizing drugs (antibiotics, antidepresants), herbs: John’s wort, calendula – performing a surgery is possible after about 2-3 weeks since the moment of finishing using drugs
  • Fresh tan in the area of a surgery, using self-tanning creams, beta-carotine orally


Vectus Palomar

Price list

Part of the bodyPrice
upper lip (moustache) 99 zł
temples 99 zł
chin 149-199 zł
cheaks 149 zł
sideburn 199 zł
nape 199 zł
neck 99-199 zł
palms 99 zł
forearms 250 zł
arms 250 zł
hair around papillas 99 zł
armpits 199 zł
torso 199-299 zł
abdomen 199-299 zł
belly line 99 zł
back 250-499 zł
groins (incomplete bikini) 199 zł
deep bikini 250 zł
buttocks 199-299 zł
chink gluteal 99 zł
calfs 250 zł
thighs 299 zł
feet 49 zł
knees 99 zł
legs 549 zł

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