Facelift without a scalpel

Non-invasive method is recommended for people who want to give their face a young and healthy appearance without a surgical intervention.

The treatment is ideal for use in hard to reach and vulnerable areas. The result is a multidimensional therapeutic massage combined with lymphatic drainage. It is a non-invasive method recommended especially for people who want to give their face a young and healthy appearance. ICOONE’s effect of the treatment is better absorption of active substances through the skin.

The head’s system ROBOMINI and ROBOMIKRO allows precise massage of the face, neck and neckline. With interchangeable heads’ endings, you can easily develope a delicate and sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.

ICOONE® is noticeable after the first treatment lifting effect without a scalpel.

The effects of the treatment on the face:

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Lifting effect without the use of a needle and a scalpel
  • Rejuvenation of neckline area, neck, face
  • Improving the contour of the mouth and eyes



Price list

ICOONE on face, neck and neckline with mask or massage 150zł

Wrinkle reduction, modeling oval, lifting, toning, firming.


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